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Internet Security

If your computer is connected to the Internet without a firewall, it is open to the world — especially if you have an "always on" cable or DSL Internet connection. A correctly set up firewall can block intrusion attempts from the Internet to your computer.

The sad news is that, without a firewall, your computer can be used by malicious hackers for:
1. Destroying or erasing your files and programs
2. Stealing your personal information and files (identity theft)
3. Sending out spam from your computer
4. Attacking other computers
5. As a file storage space for other Internet users
Without a firewall to block intrusion attempts, you are giving anyone on the Internet over 196,000 ways of getting into your computer, running it from a remote location, breaking or deleting files from YOUR computer and all of your data that lies within it.

Symptoms of Computer Intrusion
Hackers have hundreds of tools for breaking into computers. Some of the symptoms of someone else utilizing your computer:
  • Crashing often
  • Slower than normal Internet access that persists
  • Running out of Windows "resources"
  • Having to reboot often

If your computer or computer network have been intruded upon, we can detect and eradicate any intrusive or remote programs for you.

Protect your computer with a firewall
A good firewall can help to protect you from computer intrusion, destruction of your files, theft of your personal information — and even from unwittingly contributing to attacks on other computers — are far lower cost than you might imagine.