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Fast, effective computer repair in your home or office

Need computer repair in Janesville or the surrounding area? Nothing is more frustrating than finding that your computer is suddenly malfunctioning or "your Internet is down" and you can't get your work done or surf the Web. In today's world, that could mean anything from software glitches to hardware failures, and a multitude of things in between.

We can help. Our computer repair specialist have the technical know-how and experience to sort out what's happening with your computer — or computer network — and repair it. And we'll do it on-site, in your offices or in store whatever best suits your needs and budget.

We can ensure that you have computer backups in place, too, and effective anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, firewall's and computer configurations to handle it all.

Creative Computer Concepts computer repair to the rescue!

Don't let lack of computer repair slow you or your business down. Whether you have one computer or an entire computer network, we'll get you back up and running quickly and in most cases the very same day!

How much does the average computer repair cost?

Without knowing what's wrong with your computer -- or computer network, it's difficult to gauge what the cost may be. Because the complexity of today's operating system and the tremendous amount of different hardware out there the only way to give you an estimate would be to talk with you and determine the estimated cost from there. One thing we can say is we will be lower then the "Big Box Stores" with much more experience.

Creative Computer Concepts covers the entire Rock county and all the surrounding counties. Call us at (608) 208-5002 to discuss your computer problem, or send an inquiry online. We'll help sort out what the problem may be, and can give you an estimate cost for the repair of your computer or related products.