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Immediate attention required - Fast computer virus repair!

Immediate computer virus repair is a must because the damage they cause can be devastating, crippling your operating system and programs to the point where you cannot use your computer at all. Immediate attention is required if you want to recover your files and documents.
As if that isn't bad enough, some viruses scour your computer and send email (containing the virus, of course) to every email address found -- thereby spreading themselves across the Internet. And some viruses send out attachments -- files and documents taken from your computer -- which seriously compromises the security (privacy) of your information, confidential files, and personal communications.
Am I going to lose my data -- my files and programs? Possibly not. In most cases, we can retrieve your files and documents and, in many more, the operating system itself with minor trouble. Stop using your computer right away once you think you have an infection. That will reduce the chances of losing your operating system and program configuration.

Anti-virus and Spyware protection software
Computer anti-virus software is extremely helpful, but it will only catch viruses that it KNOWS about -- that is, viruses that it's already been programmed to catch. Nowadays, unfortunately, anti-virus software can easily be disabled by the latest viruses.
As part of our service, we'll check your anti-virus software to determine if you have an effective anti-virus program, and that it has the latest updates -- and we can configure your anti-virus software to get the latest updates automatically for you. If you have a computer virus
Particularly bad computer viruses can be difficult to remove, but we have the equipment and expertise to remove them for you -- with on-site pickup and delivery of your computer.
How much does computer virus repair cost?
While we don't know the details of your particular circumstances, the following are average costs for computer virus repair:
Est. Cost In Store Service
$80.00 Computer virus repair and all available updates will also be installed for better overall operation and security.
$150.00 Complete system backup and new load of operating system. All drivers and available updates will also be installed. The data will then be transferred back after it has been cleaned of any infections.